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somethink trick???

hey all, this 1st time i get time again for write in my blog about making money from internet, well, i have receive email from my friend which invite me to join on short course to learn about how to get much money use Black Hat trick, any this real????

i don't know much, but may be if has betwen you all join this session please share to Us (;;,)

Additional Contact Information:
Raymond Tenggario
Mobile: (+62)852-9665-8805

Topics to be Discussed:

* Mendapatkan mobil mewah Corvette hanya modal US$1 via Hacking eBay; dengan tehnik yang terbilang legal!
* Beli barang US$100 jadi US$1 via Paypal? Kenapa tidak?
* AdJacking v.3.0 (New script, new methods and new features)! Pingin tahu cara maksa orang mengklik iklan anda? Dan meningkatkan harga per-klik dari iklan anda? Biasanya cuman US$0.1 jadi US$2 per klik?
* Mau main curang di CPA? Mari belajar tehnik baru bermain curang dengan CPA![
* Ingin tahu bagaimana caranya bermain curang di bidang Affiliate Marketing? Membuat komisi orang menjadi komisi milik anda, dengan tehnik yang tak terdeteksi? Knp tidak?
* Makan-minum gratis secara legal dengan memanfaatkan Internet? Siapa bilang itu mustahil!
* Real good, once-in-a-life chance to WIN an online running businesses that makes US$1,200 monthly from Th0R and/or Rcode!


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StatEgy to Increase you'r e-gold account

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10 more Ways to Find Hidden Money in your Paycheck

10 More Ways to Find Hidden Money in your Paycheck Copyright � 2005 Robert Dickson The Personal Finance Resource

No matter how tight things are financially for you; no matter how bleak things look, if you are earning a paycheck then there's extra money hiding in it. You just need to know where to look. Here are 10 more ways to bring that money out into the open.

1. Pay some of your bills tax free

Many employers offer a "Flexible Spending Account" (FSA) which is a way for you to use payroll deduction to reimburse yourself for family medical expenses like co-payments, eyeglass prescriptions, parking and gas for medically necessary trips and other authorized medically-related expenses that insurance doesn'tcover. You can put aside up to $3,000 pre-tax per year.

2. Enroll in discount programs if you're under-insured

If you have inadequate health insurance coverage or no coverage at all, there are plenty of discount medical plans available which provide quality medical attention at group rates. A Google search under "medical discount plans" will get you started. Beware of scams and check a plan out thoroughly beforeyou join.

3. Buy One Get One Free

When the grocery store offers "Buy one get one free" on something that you use regularly, buy as many as the rules and your wallet allow. Store the extras in your pantry or freezer until you need them. Even better, splitthe cost with a friend. That way you each get an item for half the price.

4. Keep an eye on your cell phone plan

Know the expiration date of your plan and start looking for new deals at least 30 days before the plan expires. It's likely that you can get more minutes, fewer roaming charges and no long distance charges by simply looking around. If you let your plan's anniversary date roll by then you may be stuckfor another year paying more than you should.

5. Watch your home telephone bills

Today there is a lot of competition for delivering dial tone and even cable TV companies are offering telephone service. Some of these new services are VoIP (Voice Over IP) or "Internet telephone" while others are real PTSN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Most plans offer unlimited long distance anywhere in the USA while others extend the plan to include Canada as well. You cansave hundreds per year my switching to one of these carriers.

6. Lock in the rewards but ONLY if you've got the discipline

As competition heats up among credit card issuers, more and more card issuers are offering cash back and other "buyer rewards". Some of these programs can add up to real savings over a year. If you've got the discipline, pick a card that offers the best rewards program and then pay as many of your usual bills as you can by credit card instead of check. Then, at the end of the month, PAY THE CREDIT CARD IN FULL so you get the rewards but not the interest. Even a 2% cash back deal adds up to a lot of money in the bank if you pay as much as possible through the card.

7. Get your daily news online

If you're paying as little as .50 every weekday and $1.50 on Sundays for the newspaper then you're paying $208 for what you can get for free if you're on the 'net. Most major newspapers have a web edition and all of the major comics are online as well. If you can't live without the Sunday paper thenjust cancel the weekday edition.

8. Make sure your money works harder for you

Open a savings account at They pay the highest interest rate of any online bank, and there are no fees and no minimum balance required to open an account. Stuff your weekly savingsinto your account and let the power of compound interest help make you rich.

9. Refurbish, Recycle and Resist

Garage sale items can look good as new if you give them some tender love and care. Charity stores, the Salvation Army, consignment stores and tag sales are all great places to save a lot of cash. Resist buying new whengently used will do the trick.

10. Think frugally

Make money have to fight in order to leave your pocket. Before you spend a penny on anything always stop and think: "How can I get this for less?." Even better, start thinking: "How can I get this for free?"

Don't think of each of these tips as 'only a few bucks'. Think of every dollar that you save as a 'money tree'. Plant it where it will do you the most good -- in your pocket instead of someone else's. That's thinking smart!

Minggu, 27 Januari 2008

Ways to Make Money on the Internet

What's NOT included: Taking Surveys, Get Paid to Surf the Internet, MLM, Programs with a ton of negative user experiences (based on researching forums, Googling them, etc.), Contest Sites, "Buy my DVD, CD, Audiobook", etc.

What IS included: Things you can use to legitimately make money online - Everything from Getting Paid to review software to good ole' Adsense.

Anyway, here you go. Check the way to make money on the internet.

* Adbrite - Sell space on your site for text ads

* Amazon Affiliate Program - Easily create a store or shopping section on your site instead of sending your visitors to Amazon. Amazon handles the shopping cart and fulfillment.

* Amazon Seller - Sell your stuff on Amazon

* Associated Content - If you write a story, how-to, rant, etc. you can submit it to them and they will pay you $3-$20 per article if they like it

* Azoogleads - Another ad program. They do have some decent companies lined up as advertisers. You provide space, they'll provide an ad.

* BidVertiser - PPC (pay per click) program with a low $10 payout amount.

* Bravenet - These guys offer a ton of services for webmasters and blog owners. Although I feel like I was spammed for a while, it has ceased and they'll pay you $1 for each person you send over

* Blog - Start a blog and consistently write excellent content. With good ad placement, you may make some money.

* Business Opportunities Blog - I am adding this because I am a subscriber to their site and I see ideas everyday that could result in making money. A lot of the ideas pertain to online businesses. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, it's a good reference.

* Cafepress - You provide a design, they'll toss it on a T-Shirt, Hat, etc. No upfront costs. Get a free online shop and promote your products on your website.

* Chitika - Their eMiniMalls service has shown great results for many Bloggers and site owners. You choose a keyword and they show relevant products on your site using a pretty unique interface.

* Clickbank - Another Affiliate Program site with 10,000+ products to advertise

* ClicknWork - Get paid $5-$150 per hour for basically doing freelance work on a per-assignment basis. You have to pass a pretty tough test to get in.

* Clicksor - These are the guys that generate contextual ads on sites that show up when you hover over a double-underlined word.

* Commission Junction - If you have a site, you can join Commission Junction. Once enrolled for free, you can choose companies whose ads are pertinent to your site. Companies have the ultimate say on working with you. There are easily over 1,000 companies to choose from here.

* CreamAid - For blogs only, advertisers provide you with a topic and you write about it on your site. To do this, you have to install a flash widget into your blog post. The more people you bring into the conversation through the widget, the more you get paid. It's difficult to explain.

* eefoof - Think of it as YouTube + Flickr + Music. You add original content and they pay you based on the visitors you attract.

* Ether - If you are an expert on something, Ether provides a way for people to pay you to talk about it in a one-on-one setting. If you want to charge $250/hr, that's fine. You have to do all the advertising so you should have a blog or site already established.

* eBay - Come on, you know what this is. Gather your junk and sell it!

* eBay Stores - If you have a real store and want to sell your stuff online, this is a decent option to get you started.

* ELance - Name gives it away. Programmers, Codes, Web Designers, Writers, Editors, can look for freelance opportunities.

* Feedvertising - This is an arm of Text Link Ads and is currently only good for Wordpress 2.0 Users. This does me no good currently, but as you can guess, they place ads in your feed(s).

* Feedburner - Not only are they the best place to house your feeds, they will also add ads to your feed and website. You get paid per impression.

* Google Adsense - Come on, you don't need an explanation. These ads are all over the place. Google displays relevant ads based on your site's content

* Google Adwords - Create simple text ads and choose keywords that determine when they are displayed. This is where the Adsense Content comes from. You do not need a site for this.

* Google Answers - If you are good, Google will pay you to answer questions in your specialty. Questions all come from normal people like you and me. You can get paid $2.50+ per answer you provide.

* - Get paid to fill jobs. Commissions range from $50-$5,000. It all depends on how tough the job is to fill and how desperate the hiring company is. This is another one that's tough to explain.

* - Add their job board to your site. They then post jobs based on the geographic location of visitors and the position types you pre-select. I tried it and I they continually report that I sent 0 visitors and I know that's not right. Nevertheless, I may have an isolated problem so they make the list.

* InnerSell - If you have a customer that wants to buy something you cannot sell, you can sell the lead here.

* Jellyfish - This is a shopping site that pays you a percentage of the purchases made by people you refer. They are not part of a wider affiliate program so you do it direct.

* Jigsaw - It's a pretty flaky model but if you have a Rolodex full of good contacts, you can sell them here. I can't make sense of it but it looks like you get $0.10 per profile.

* KarmaOne - They are basically a recruiting website. If you fill one of their jobs by finding a good candidate, you'll get paid anywhere from $50-$12,000. It all depends on how desperate the hiring company is.

* - If you have a site, you can join Linkshare. Once enrolled for free, you can choose companies whose ads are pertinent to your site. Companies have the ultimate say on working with you. Like Commission Junction, there are a ton of companies waiting to evaluate your site.

* Microsoft Adcenter - Bid on keywords and Microsoft places your created ads then they are searched for. This is similar to Google Adwords. You do not need a site for this.

* - Sell your stuff on

* Pageflakes - This is a company that developed a user-defined Ajax homepage to show feeds, flickr photos, and a ton of other things. Think of it as a replacement for your Google Homepage. Anyway - they'll pay you $1 per referral that you send over. They are not part of a wider affiliate program so you do it direct. This one is pretty simple.

* Pay Per Post - I don't agree with this model entirely but they have advertisers that will pay you to write about their products on your blog.

* Pheedo - If you have an RSS feed, run it through Pheedo. Like Feedburner, they can include ads into your feed and if you really become large, advertisers will pay a premium for you to show their ads.

* - I've never really worked with them but I do have an account. They are similar to Commission Junction and Linkshare however they seem to have lower tiered companies with advertising offers.

* Shoemoney - This is a blog that can teach you a ton on making money online. I've spent hours reading his old stuff.

* Software Judge - They will pay you up to $50 to review software.

* Text Link Ads - I have never made a dime here but I know people that have. You can earn by sending advertisers to them or by selling spots on your site. You must have a real site or blog to do this - nothing on a shared domain (i.e. /blogspot).

* Vibrant Media - Don't bother unless your site has 500,000 page views of text based content a month. If you have that readership, these are the guys that display bubble box ads to underlined words on your site.

* West Work At Home Agent - Not entirely online but this is worth a mention because it's won awards and is very legitimate. If you are an at-home Mom or free-lancer without work, you should check this out.

* Yahoo Publisher Network- This is the Yahoo version of Google Adsense.

you Can try 1 0f 40 way above or try it all


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$ 300 / Month

earn money just for click on ads and visit website at , you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends. You'll get paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through PayPal. The minimum payout is $10.00.

Earnings Example
» You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
» 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00
» Your daily earnings = $2.10
» Your weekly earnings = $14.70
» Your monthly earnings = $63.00

The above example is based only on 20 referrals and 10 daily clicks. Some days you will have more clicks available, some days you will have less. What if you had more referrals? What if there were more ads available?

Thousands of satisfied members that have received their payment. Proof of Payments.

join now ('',) receive $ 0,05 to sign up is NOT a Autosurf, Multi-Level Marketing, Pyramid, Ponzi, Matrix or "Get Rich Quick" scheme. is a new innovative, international and FREE English based service that allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their ad on our, "Surf Ads" page. A exact calculated percentage of all advertising revenue is paid to our members. makes money via advertising, other advertising sources throughout the website as well as earning through direct sponsorship of other members, just like a regular member does.

How you make money
You view websites in 30 second sessions via the "Surf Ads" page. Once the 30 seconds is up, you'll either get a green tick sign or a red 'X'. The green tick sign means you've earned $0.01 and as premium member $0.0125 for the visit and the 'X' means you have not earned money for the visit. You'll get red X's when you have more than one website from the "Surf Ads" page open. When this happens, you get no credit.

A valuable benefit to both the members and the advertisers is the repeat exposure that the advertiser gets. Whenever you click and view a website, you can visit that website again in 24 hours as long as the visit cap hasn't been reached. That's right! After 24 hours you can click and view the website again. This gives the advertiser optimal exposure by using "repeat advertising" and it further increases the members earning potential.

Earnings example (based on current averages) » You click 10 ads per day = $0.10 » 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00 » Your daily earnings = $2.10 » Your weekly earnings = $14.70 » Your monthly earnings = $63.00

While we have no way of knowing how many ads will be available on a per week basis, we do know that is growing rapidly and advertisers are discovering the true potential of our service. We've just started and our advertiser base is small so BE PATIENT! Over the next coming months you will see an increase in the ads which will only increase your earnings! This is not a get-rich-scheme or scam, but it can put some extra gas money in your pocket!

if you don't have credit card for verified paypal account you can use Virtual credit card, theres so many virtual credit card seller on internet, use search Engine to find where netter selling VCC,

it's so easy yeah? yeah when you know the rule.....

Be patient and get payment from bux.

Try it Guyz


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internet the secret chance for get money

hello all, my name is ika novaliana a.k.a Yuri. colege student of economy faculty udayana university Bali, After i know internet,, amazing!!!! internet can make you rich,,,, Belive it? Must!!!!!
why? because theres so many richman being rich cause intrnet such as Joko susilo, ST indonesian netter make IDR per year from internet,, and so many netter in the world being succes make much money with low investation,

in my study, my dosen give me homework to learn internet bussines, wow and i learn more about how to make money from internet...

so i want share and change mindset with you all..
and lets get rich togheter get on the worldwideweb..
i'm so sorry, i'm still learning in iternet bussines,,, that's why i create this blog...
i want we share about it

C U....


Ika Novaliana,



talk to me ('',)

(,") moneytizernetterenggine (",)


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